River Valley Chiropractic - Pain Relief Through Understanding
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Welcome to River Valley Chiropractic where understanding your concern is as important as addressing the symptoms.

I hope to help you understand the type of chiropractic care that I offer and whether my approach fits with your needs—perhaps even address fears you may have shared with family or friends.


"After the first session he reduced the pain to almost nothing and after the second session my friend's pain is gone. Thank you Spencer!!!!"—Monique Hillen

"Dr. Burling's wealth of knowledge and gentle approach were the perfect combination to help me toward healing. I have been pain free for weeks, back to actively teaching classes and, best of all, I am able to run again."—Amy Brady

"Thank goodness a friend recommended that I go to Dr. Burling for consultation. After three treatments I was able to sit, walk and drive my car again. Dr. Burling gave me back my life."—Hanna Thurston

"Spence is the best chiropracters I've ever gone to with real solutions to problems and suggestions for strengthening exercises to keep the problem from re-occuring. Also ends each session with an amazing water massage bed leaving you feeling relaxed, healed and ready to keep going."—Linda Stout

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