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Most injuries occur because of a region of weakness that constantly gets re-aggravated. Each time the weak zone is strained, it tears, albeit small, but nevertheless leads to discomfort. So you have two choices: 1) Get the injury treated until the symptoms wane 2) Strengthen the weak zone(s) to prevent the frequency of re-injury as well as minimize the amount of injury so recovery will be faster.

Three Little Pigs

Ever heard of the 'Three Little Pigs'? It's a story about three pigs, three houses, and a big bad wolf. Let's take a moment to use this story to better understand the relevance of regionally specific exercise.

The first pigs house is made of straw (the weak muscle). When exposed to harsh conditions (hours on computers, helping friends move from their apartment, Driving long commutes) the straw doesn’t hold up and collapses. After rebuilding (home exercises and stretches), the next visit by the wolf doesn’t blow down as easily, but may collapse nevertheless – not as easily and not as badly damaged.

If rebuilt under supervised rehabilitation, the house would be the equivalent of building a house of brick. Obviously the most benefits come from this type of care, thus the bad wolf has to work extra extra hard to dent the structure. The house doesn’t collapse.

Rehabilitation is all about exposing week areas (or injured areas) to managed stress. These managed stresses help to expedite healing and even repair/remodel the regions for greater tolerances/resistance to re-aggravation.

So, the big bad wolf instigates the pig (aka macrophages, fibroblasts, etc.) to repair the house/injury with 'bricks' rather than a weak quickie repair of 'straw'.

Repairs of this nature minimize risk of an acute injury (fresh/new) from becoming a chronic (re-occurring) injury.

Most chiropractors know how to alleviate pain. I believe that, although pain relief is an essential part of my practice, preventing and/or minimizing it from returning is just as important.

I address both short- and long-term pain management should you require rehabilitation as part of your recovery.

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